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Weebly Review

→Last Updated: September 25th, 2013
Weebly Website Builder
Average Rating: 4.1 / 5
Number of Reviews: 16

Weebly Review

Weebly Review Overview

Weebly is one of the best website builders out there. It is not only extremely robust with many options and tools at your disposal, but it is also a very user friendly website builder. Weebly can help you accomplish any number of goals that you are looking to fulfill such as creating a business website, an eCommerce website, a personal website, a blog, a photography showcase, etc.  And the best part about Weebly is that you don’t even need to know how to code or program!

It’s as easy as click and drag! These types of website builders which allow you to simply click and drag exactly what you want onto your website are becoming a lot more common since they are extremely easy to use. The downside is that it makes exporting the website quite difficult, if not near impossible. Yet the ease of use makes up for it 100 fold. In fact, Weebly users generally are very satisfied with the platform and even more importantly, are satisfied with the outcome of their website. Weebly provides all of their tools at extremely affordable prices and even includes a free trial which lasts indefinitely unless you want to access some of their more premium features.

One of the most amazing statistics that I’ve heard is that from all the websites on the internet, roughly 2% of them are run through Weebly! That’s a ridiculously high number considering the volume of websites out there. In addition, Weebly sports just over 15 million registered users so you know they provide a solid platform for website building.

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Weebly – Why Is Weebly Such A Good Platform?

  1. The Drag and Drop Weebly Review Website Builder is about as user friendly as it gets.
    1. There is just the right number of tools to keep you satisfied, yet not overwhelmed.
    2. Strong Functionality for your websites from all walks of life and business perspectives.
    3. User Interface is extremely intuitive which is great for beginners but there is still enough complexity (if you want) for advanced users.
    4. Fantastic websites are extremely simple to create. You could easily create a website within an hour or two and be very satisfied.
  2. Indefinite Free Trial
    1. Weebly is 100% free if you want it to be. What does that mean? The Weebly platform has enough functionality that anyone can build their own website and be very happy with the outcome. They do not hound you to put in your credit card information or nickel and dime you on any of their features. In fact, you can keep your accoutn completely free forever. However, if you want access to extra features then you will need to cough up some money which still has extremely reasonable pricing for quality features.
  3. Phenomenal Templates
    1. Weebly has a HUGE range of templates which are all very well designed. This gives you the freedom to really customize and personalize your website to your needs. The flexibility they offer is unimaginable.

Features of Weebly Review’s Website Builder Platform

User Friendliness And Ease Of Use

Weebly is a prime example of a WYSIWYG Website Builder. Pronounced like “Wussy Wig” it is an acronym for “What you see is what you get”. This basically means that there is nothing really being hidden from you. Everything you want to build, edit, or finalize is right there in front of you ready for whatever you want to do. You are not constantly guessing if the edits you are making will actually publish the way you see them because that is not how it works.

One of the most important tenets of building a website (and possibly a life lesson) is the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. Weebly has created their platform splendidly with this principle in effect and I highly recommend their product.

Oodles Of Templates

There was a time when website builders offered little to no variety in templates and relied on their users to create their own designs for their websites. However, the people have spoken and major website building platforms such as Weebly have answered.

With Weebly, you get hundreds if not thousands of completely unique templates at your disposal. Meaning you can truly customize your website to your needs. And within each of these unique templates there are tons of options to help you further personalize the website to fit your tastes and needs. In fact, I would be very surprised if 100 people chose the same template and any two of theirs were even similar. Additionally, if you are an advanced user, Weebly gives you access to their CSS/HTML editor in case you want to make some other changes which are not offered by that specific template design.


In my opinion, one of the most important things a strong website builder needs isn’t even a part of the building process: Support. Who knows when you’re going to get stuck with an issue or find yourself confused about how to change to a specific color or how to change your domain or…Well, you get the point. And Weebly’s support team is always ready to help you very quickly and succinctly. They do a phenomenal job of helping you troubleshoot your problems even if you aren’t even sure what the problem is. This is one of the most important things a website builder platform needs and this is one of Weebly’s truly excelling areas is.

Weebly For Mobile

One of the most amazing features Weebly has I like to call “Mobile Magic”. It literally takes your website, does some sort of amazing wizardry and then pops your website out as mobile ready! How crazy is that? And then if you don’t like the way Weebly’s mobile system put your website together you can go into the mobile editor and fix it yourself! These guys really know what they are doing.

Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

For many of you out there, you are not looking to simply create a website to toss up some photos of grandma. You are looking to make some money building a website or at least get your word out there to the larger population. While Weebly is not a standard ecommerce website builder, it can easily double for one and they have proved it with some of their great features for search engine optimization.

In fact, they allow you to change a whole bunch of things on your websites such as meta descriptions, meta tags, keywords, titles, etc. so that you can optimize your website so that search engines will rank you higher than your competitors. You can even insert the Google Analytics tracking code in order to track a whole bunch of metrics through your Google Analytics account. Or if you are lazy, you can still track a more simple version of your metrics through Weebly’s statistics dashboard. The choice is up to you, and that’s why we love Weebly.

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Weebly Review Conclusions:

In this Weebly Review, we have come to a fair amount of conclusions regarding the capacity of this platform. In my opinion, this was definitely one of the most enjoyable website builder platforms that I have used. It was simpe, easy, free, and truly a pleasure to use. It keeps the concept of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and executes a beautiful array of features which allow you to build exactly what you want to build.

All of these conclusions combined truly make us very happy with their product and we hope that you will at least give them a try since it literally costs you nothing to see what they have to offer. In fact, I recommend that anytime you are offered a 100% free website builder then you should definitely create an account and give it a spin for an hour or so and see if it fits you. There are 0 commitments so why not give it a shot!

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