BigCommerce Review 2013

→Last Updated: August 21st, 2013

BigCommerce Review 2013

BigCommerce Review 2013

BigCommerce Review 2013 – Summary

Because it’s an incredible platform that’s feature-rich, easy to use and extremely customizable, BigCommerce consistently makes the top-10 listing of several ecommerce review sites. It enables retailers to establish a local pick up or instore pick-up option, which really is fast-growing trend in the ecommerce world. They didn’t get everything perfect but most folks should find creating their very own virtual shop with BigCommerce to be very easy.

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O,Yeah! Highly-customizable. Extremely easy to use. No transaction costs. No set up charges. No termination costs. Tons of functions.

O, No! Unfortunately, the individuals who want it most are those who will only manage the most basic of the two pricing plans. The Daily Price App is just free for 30-days. Score: 7.78/10

BigCommerce Review: Pricing & Features

BigCommerce’s pricing options appeals to a broad variety of potential ecommerce shop owners. The Gold strategy and up comes together with the Abandoned Cart Saver function that we rate highly as it may really help save a bit of abandoned carts, adding more sales to your bottom line.  The famous InstanteStore is one of the most important features in each of the plans because.  I personally believe it  is a great thing because those who want the most help with BigCommerce are those just getting started in e-commerce.  BigCommerce review really makes it easy for just about anyone to have an online presence without too much work, even if it’s their first time ever designing a website.

Big Commerce Review 2013

Signing up is fairly easy. However, BigCommerce does demand your telephone number for this particular procedure.  This is to ensure their customers are serious and not abusing the freebies that come with signing up with BigCommerce, even as a free trial.

BigCommerce Store Creation Page

My store was created in just over 2 minutes and I was greeted with this image below.  I was truly shocked what I was able to do in 2 minutes.

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Website Builder Reviews

I love that BigCommerce requires the work to make customers, especially first time eCommerce entrepreneurs, feel comfortable applying their own mental image of the websites by carefully picking unique images and colors for their pages.

Then, you’ll be guided through the generally process of having your shop prepared to offer goods to sell.  You can specify specifically what you are selling and add any attributes and options you can think of.

BigCommerce Getting Started Page

 Functions & Applications

BigCommerce is packed with features – both assembled in and within the kind of apps that you are able to enhance your shop.  Think of it as an “AppStore” for your eCommerce website.

Similar to Shopify, some applications come with the free package, some are free to for a trial period, some include a charge and monthly fees are required by some. It’s a pity the Daily Price App is just free for 30-days. If I’m not mistaken, Volusion offers the same features free of charge.

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One essential thing to notice is that BigCommerce doesn’t take their cut of the pie from these apps. No transaction costs here.  This allows BigCommerce App developers to invest more in their apps.  Overall, a great idea by BigCommerce review.

They’ve got more than 50 payment processors to select from, including PayPal, so that you shouldn’t have trouble getting a processor to satisfy your payment requirements.  All the major ones, as far as I’m aware of, is mentioned.

BigCommerce is extremely customizable however, I really hope they give retailers to ability to create an InStore Pick Up option to transport goods and merely make an app for this. We informed the folks at InstanteStore and they responded to us. We personally think they make the in-store pickup option a little bit too much of a hassle but hopefully they will fix this feature soon.

BigCommerce Review

Free BigCommerce Review Templates

The templates that BigCommerce Review provides are okay, overall, but a number of them appear a tad funky looking. These themes might have been hot in 2008 but times and web design style have definitely changed. I’ve run into a couple of web design template websites which promote BigCommerce suitable templates for only $ 25 however the templates you see below appear much much better compared to the ones those guys are pushing.

The template search feature is not one of BigCommerce’s strong points, mostly because there are no filter options.  You may need some luck and a lot of persistence to find the perfect theme for you.

BigCommerce Templates

BigCommerce Review: Adding Products

Making categories and adding products can be a no-brainer here. Everything is nicely organized and they’ve made it easy by prepopulating your shop for you. Neat stuff.

Add Bigcommerce


Unfortunately, adding single products is a lot harder than it should be.  It should be a one-page feature, not a multi-step process.

BigCommerce_images and videos

One awesome tiny detail I discovered is you could pick where you need to list your product options (see picture below). Again, this option is extremely customizable.

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BigCommerce Setting Options

This is what a typical product page would look like. Clean and nice.  Just like it should be.

BigCommerce Sample Product Page


That is what a typical item page would appear to be.  Clear and fine.

Here’s a fast view of the merchandise to the class page. I wish they’d allow it to be so I wouldn’t need to scroll to view the Add To Cart button. It may seem like an obvious option.  Hopefully BigCommerce can improve this in the next platform update.

BigCommerce Quick View Sample


I truly enjoy BirCommerce’s carousel set up page even though I did encounter several problems attempting to alter the arrangement of the slides. In this feature, you can-do everything on one-page – personalize text, correct time, add hyperlink, add Alt-text to slides, organize purchase of slides – also it could fully be performed within the very first fold. Beautiful.  Totally one of my favorite features.

Website Builder Reviews

Linking slide pictures to the home page is made simple with the Shop Linker.  Totally cool and highly recommended to use.

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BigCommerce Carousel Store Linker feature

This is what an average shop should look like ultimately.  Looks very professional, with no web design knowledge required.

BigCommerce Store Sample

It could have been fine if BigCommerce Review had prepopulated their FAQ section so BigCommerce users can have an idea of the way that they’re able to utilize the advice supplied.

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I’m still awaiting an answer which teachers customers the way to make good use of the info displayed to enhance revenue. The ‘Your Shop In A Look’ point is really 2012. Everybody must be a bit better.

BigCommerce Dashboard Info

BigCommerce Review Support

Overall – knowledgbase, support ticket setup, live-chat, etc bigCommerce has extremely good support. Their knowledge-base is up-to-date and also the directions are fairly clear.  Couldn’t ask for much better.

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Social Talk

The BigCommerce Facebook page is often updated and any posts on their page get answered by a real BigCommerce representative very quickly.  Really gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you know the company you are doing business is listening to you :) .

BigCommerce Good Customer Support Facebook comment

BigCommerce Facebook Comment Unhappy Merchant

BigCommerce Review – Conclusion

When I first reviewed BigCommerce Review a couple of years back, I read within their sales page that their main selling point was the platform is simple enough to be utilized by grandmas. I tried to get my 96-year old grandma to create a website but she couldn’t get her sweater knitting website loaded like she wanted. Jokes apart, BigCommerce did a great job by using their e-commerce solution for making it easy to use.

Obviously there may be room for development from what BigCommerce is at the movement, but I’m certain they’ve already got several tricks up their sleeves.

I’d highly recommend trying the free demo to see if it’s right for you.  Link below.  Let us know what you think.

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