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→Last Updated: September 13th, 2013
Basekit Website Builder
Average Rating: 4 / 5
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Basekit Review: Overview

BaseKit is an all-inclusive web design package that includes web hosting, and offers a bit more flexibility than other, similar services on the web. This makes Basekit review a suitable platform for a wide variety of users, from complete novices to users that prefer HTML. It also makes it possible to create any sort of website that you would want to use regardless of your level of experience.

The Internet has become a part of daily life for the vast majority of us, and having an Internet presence has become a vital part of every business no matter how small. At the same time, keeping a blog or a website has become a popular hobby and many people are looking for the easiest way to get themselves online. Simple, user friendly website design software has made the Internet more accessible than ever, and BaseKit offers a very easy to use web design service that puts keeping a website within reach of even the least experienced users.

At the core of the Basekit review package is a simple website design script that employs familiar drag and drop techniques to build unique and individual websites in all of the most popular configurations. For more advanced users, it is also possible to publish web pages that are created in Photoshop for a completely individual style and format.

Basekit Review: Features

Straightforward Website Design and Hosting

BaseKit uses a very simple design interface that is very intuitive and suited to every level of experience. The all-inclusive package also eliminates much of the technical aspect to setting up a website and gives users the confidence of knowing that they can get help with any part of the process at any time.

Even though BaseKit is a very simple script to use, it is still a very powerful web design tool. The Photoshop integration with BaseKit’s web design script makes it easy to create dynamic designs that are entirely customized, rather than trying to fit your concept into a predetermined webpage template. BaseKit templates can also be used to create different types of websites, from blogs to e-commerce and retail web pages. HTML5 is used to make BaseKit websites accessible by a wide variety of devices.

Basekit Review Features: Simple Drag-and-Drop Design

Most users are familiar with using the mouse to drag and drop, and BaseKit templates use drag and drop techniques to build exactly the website that users want. This makes the design process simple enough so that a first time user will be able to concentrate on creating a great website rather than on learning a bunch of new computer skills.

The drag and drop functionality of BaseKit review also makes it a straightforward process to make edits or change the components of a website around. Even the widgets that you want to use can be simply dragged into any place on a website, making it easy to create dynamic interactive websites.

Great Selection of Basekit Widgets

Basekit has a comprehensive selection of widgets that adds all of the functionality that a website needs. The complete range of widgets is included as a standard part of the BaseKit package, so it isn’t necessary to purchase any third party software to have a fully functional website.

Social Integration in Basekit Reviews

BaseKit websites are easily linked to the popular social media sites Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Google+. Sharing buttons are included in their web design script, and in most cases, blog posts and new pages can be shared on social sites with just a click.

Range of Web Hosting and Design Options

BaseKit comes in a range of web design and hosting packages to suit every level of Internet user, from the hobby blogger to larger business websites. Ranging from $10 to $40 per month, the all-inclusive package could be the most cost effective option for many users. At the same time, BaseKit allows more technical access than other, similar services, which gives users greater flexibility in their web page design.

Complete Service and Support

BaseKit comes with full, 24/7 customer service and technical support. Being able to get the assistance that users need from one company for both their web hosting and website design difficulties will make BaseKit a more efficient and convenient option for many users. BaseKit also has a full range of tutorials available to their users to explain how to create and maintain a website using their service.

Basekit Review Conclusions

BaseKit is a very user-friendly software package that creates attractive websites with a minimum of fuss and requires only basic computer skills to operate. The drag and drop design techniques make it very simple to use for novices who just want to get online, and the integration with Photoshop makes it a handy tool for more experienced users that want to create something special.

If anything, the service is a little bit expensive, but it does take most of the hassle out of building a website and most users will be online after only a couple of hours of work. BaseKit does offer greater access to the technical aspects of its web pages, like CSS and HTML, which most of their competitors do not. For webmasters that want a simple, all-inclusive web design platform that is flexible enough to be tailored to their individual needs, Basekit is an effective, hassle free web hosting option.