Why You Should Make Your Own Website with Web Builder Sites

→Last Updated: September 20th, 2013

Make Your Own WebsiteHave loads of creations to share online but don’t know how to use the HTML language to make your own website? It’s time to share to the world the works you have been keeping in your local drive. In a matter of minutes, you can actually publish your own website even without coding skills. Go through this list to know why you should make your own website using a web builder.


An Easy Way to Make Your Own Website


Web builders are sites that provide tools for constructing a website without coding. There are two general categories -online and offline builders. The online is the general type which runs on a browser while the offline type is usually for professional web designers that needs to create sites for multiple clients. With just an internet connection and your favorite browser, you can start creating your own website even without technical skills on web designing. All you have to do is sign up for an account.


Over a hundred templates are available on web builder sites. Once you sign in, you will be asked to choose your preferred site layout from a wide range of choices. You can choose from classy, loud, retro, traditional, monochromatic, image-inspired, basic theme and many more. Whether you are a photographer who wants to share artworks or a writer who wants to publish written works online, surely, a ready-made template motif would suit your preference.


If you want a touch of your own creativity, you can completely work on the layout and design by yourself. You can edit the navigation bar to add or exclude some pages for your site. You can easily include links, URLS and e-mail forms. Your social media accounts can also be included as badges within your website. All of these tasks are simple to execute even without HTML coding knowledge. Nevertheless, if you are familiar on how to use codes, there is an advanced editing option in web builders to allow CSS or HTML code editing.


If you want to change something in your site, you can immediately edit your site with just some clicks away. Unlike the traditional coded sites which could be complicated to work on, it would take only a few minutes to alter something from your site.


Make Your Own Website with Web Builders’ Amazing Features


Bloggers can also try using a web builder for a fresh new blogging experience. Blog posts are easy to create using the drag and drop feature of editors. You can make your blog the site homepage or a part of the sub-pages. It is also easy to communicate with your readers using form builders. You can create a ready-made RSVP form, survey, and contact forms.


Unlike most hosting sites, there is no forced advertising in a web builder site. You wouldn’t have to worry about banner ads and pop-ups. However, if you want to publicize something, you have the liberty to include your own ad in your site.


Web builder sites also have also developed a mobile support system which allows users to view your site using their gadgets, in an apt interface.  They also feature a statistical tool which allows users to monitor the number of visitors and the key search that the visitors use. It also provides analysis on the top links that visitors click, the time in which most people are online and the site’s strong points. They can also help your site be found by your target audience using search engine optimization.


As a main feature, web builders allow users to personalize their site domains. When you create a site, you can affix a customized unique string of characters that would make your page easily recognized. It can either be a sub-domain of the web hosting site or your own complete domain.


Make Your Own Website: Absolutely Free


Still not appealing? The foremost feature in web builders is that you can have it all for free. This includes the basic tools that you need to create, design and maintain your site. You do not have to pay for monthly fees. However, if you decide to further develop your website, you can eventually upgrade to premium or professional account. These types support a higher bandwidth, disk space and platform.


The online world can be a good avenue to express yourself and exhibit your creations. With a reliable website builder, you can easily make your own website, in a matter of minutes.