How To Create A Website For Your Business The Easy Way

→Last Updated: August 4, 2013

How to create a websitePlanning to establish your brand name online by learning how to create a website? You can save yourself from stress and anxiety since it has become a much simpler task nowadays with web builder sites. You don’t have to be an HTML specialist to know how to create a website. With the help of an efficient web builder site, you can easily put up a website for your online brand publicity and promotion.


How to Create a Website Even Without Technical Skills


One of the perks of using builders for your own website is that you can have it for free. Web hosting sites offer deals with varying features. The free site services include the basic functions that you need on creating your own site. You can opt to sign up for a free website and later on upgrade to a premium account. It incurs annual or monthly fees but is definitely more helpful for businesses and enterprises. Premium and professional accounts include branding options, higher support service and expanded site statistics. It can also deal with relatively higher bandwidth. It is an important element of a site because it determines the capability of the site to handle visitors at a specified time frame.


To commence, you need to sign up for an account. This would take just a few minutes because usually, only your e-mail address and a password would be needed. After establishing an account, you can finally start personalizing your site.


How to Create a Website and Proper Site Layout


The first step on building your site is choosing a template. They are usually categorized according to theme so that users can easily choose the wide variety of designs. These templates are ready made for users who are not familiar with web designing.


If you want to fully customize your site, choose a blank template. You would have to get acquainted with the interface of your web builder to make the task easier. Familiarize yourself with the tool bars and options available.


Next, set the spacing of your homepage. This is the landing page once people enter the domain of your site. The space area can be 64 pixels tall and 900 pixels wide, but you can still change it. Once you have specified the size and dimensions of your site elements, you can now add a header and footer text. The header contains your logo and or other customized image that would convey information on what the website is about. To make your logo more enticing, you can add some effects such as contour, overlay, or a satin shiny effect. These pre-made filters are available on web builder sites so that final output can still be professional looking, even if the user is not an expert on HTML coding.


You can now start adding some pages on your homepage. The navigation bar allows visitors to find useful links so it should be legible and well-situated. Using your site builder’s page manager, you can easily add pages and edit its title. You can also add pages for URL links and e-mail to function. If you know how to use CSS codes, you can also apply it for your site navigation. You should also invest in a good background, like a color scheme or an image. The size should be proportional for your site image.


How to Create a Website and Content

After working on the aesthetics of your site, next thing to establish is your site content. If you are offering a product, it is important to have a separate page for the complete product features and specifications. This way, your online audience wouldn’t have to inquisitively ask you about your product. For service oriented businesses, be sure to include your detailed offers and scope of service.


Another important component of a business site is your company details. Compose a short but precise description about your business, including a short history and current endeavors. Be sure to include active contact details and office location, if needed. In addition, you can also choose to include instructive articles in your website that would be valuable to your target market. This helps establish strong web content.


Such websites should regularly be updated, especially is pricing is disclosed. Anyone from your team can handle the site editing since web builder sites do not require technical knowledge on how to create a website.