How To Build A Website With A Website Builder

→Last Updated: September 20th, 2013

How To Build A WebsiteTechnology is now changing, and it is becoming possible for everyone to find out how to build a website. Thanks to web hosting, site building and content publishing technologies, those who are looking to have their own websites have access to overwhelming number of tools that can help them launch their visibility online.

Experience in formerly just blogging platforms has taught people how to build a website. Now, people who used to go online to write most of the time has learned the value of constructing their own sites for their own good, and are quickly moving to the .com regions. How do you become one of them and how will you choose the best tools?

Website Builders Teach You How to Build a Website

For most parts, website builders are designed for people to learn how they can create their own .com sites without having to turn back time and learn programming to cope. These website builders are built to incorporate support for various media, such as music, video, social networks, and blogs.

Website builders allow you to get started by providing templates, which serve as the structure that you can tweak later on to get full control of what you can see in your site. Most of the time, users prefer site builders that provides templates that are customized according to their niches. Niche templates are extremely useful for people who want to save time looking for the best images, themes, or fonts that will go best with their brand, and they can move forward to doing the more important things in the site, such as updating with content.

How to Build a Website: Which Site Builder is the Best?

Website builders are definitely not created equal. Some would offer you templates that will just allow you to change texts, and nothing else. Some does not support mobile devices, and some would not allow you to attach sound files. Some people do not get bothered by the differences these builders make, but they should. What all website and business owners want is this thing – have a website that is noticeable, user-friendly, and will tell users that this is the only website they need.

If you want to create a website, the platform that you are using has a lot to say in achieving that goal. WordPress as a platform, for example, is largely enjoyed by site owners, programmer or not, because it offers control, thanks to the plugins and CSS access. enjoys popularity because of the hip templates that users can freely use and redesign with a bit of HTML. Moonfruit and Breezi, on the other hand, are full of rich tools that allow you to optimize your site for mobile and see changes on the fly.

It is always recommended that you use a single tool for editing, and you should not tolerate website builders that are poor in giving you the WYSIWYG effect. A lot of poor performing site builders suffer from not allowing users design their sites effectively because the look changes when the site goes live. Square UI and IM Creator proves to be great for visual users that crave for tools that would allow them to have control over every pixel they see onscreen. Weebly, on the other hand, is great for users who prefer the user-friendly drag and drop function, without worrying too much about the technical stuff.

Is Free Use Good in Learning How To Build a Website?

If you are just starting, it is always recommended that you use site builders that allow you to experience all their tools without paying any amount, just to let you get the hang of website building with them. If you are satisfied with the user-friendliness and the amount of control, it will only be fair to be charged for additional use. Most website builders would charge extra if you want their help in web hosting. Some would not let you move your content to your own domain without monthly or yearly payments. At times, continued use of their tools would mean a charge on the credit card. The more advanced website builders could be difficult for beginners so if you want to know how to build a website, you may want to start with the basics.