Benefits When You Create a Website On your Own

→Last Updated: August 4, 2013

Create A Website With just a few clicks, you can easily create a website of your own in a matter of minutes.  Web builders have been of great help to students, non-profit organizations, businesses and even professionals in the online world. Even if you are just a novice in web designing, you can publish a pro looking site with the help of these user-friendly web builder hosts. Here is a brief list of the benefits you can enjoy when you start a site using web builders.


Personalize and Create a Website for Free


The foremost advantage when you use a web builder to create a website is that you can have it all for free. After signing up for an account, you can begin outright without having to pay a single cent. This is ideal if you are just starting up and on a tight budget. However, you can eventually upgrade your account to a premium type which supports higher features such as bandwidth, platform and disk space.

Pre-defined templates are the one of the things that web builder sites exhibit to their customers. You can find hundreds of them, sub-categorized to specific types. Once you choose a template, you just have to edit your contents and voila, your site is up.

If you want a more personalized site, you can choose to utilize a blank template and create a layout of your own design. Web builder sites have user-friendly interface that allows people to easily edit their sites. If you want to change the color scheme of your navigation box, you just have to look for the page manager and it would automatically change according to the color of your choice. You can also change the background, header and images on your page by simply uploading your desired digital materials. Most web builders have a drag and drop feature which allow users to add multimedia files to the site with just one click. High definition video streaming is also available in web builders. Your visitors wouldn’t have to open a new window to view your video files.

Another feature of web builders are the ready-made filters and effects that you can use with the editor. If you want a vignette, overlay, color dodge or a satin effect on your link hover, you just have to click on the effects manager. With that, you can achieve what exactly you wish to exhibit on your site. Sometimes, customers do not achieve what exactly they asked for when they employ the services of computer specialists.


Create a Website in a Matter of Minutes

Upon signing up, you can immediately publish your site as soon as you’re done with the editing. This is more immediate than hiring a HTML specialist. He or she would have to work on it for days due to the intricate coding task whereas in a web builder, you can have yours in minutes.


You are also free to personalize your domain. You can choose to use a pre-existing domain, if you have one, register a new one or publish your site using a sub-domain of the web host. You can get all of these services are free, unlike other hosts that charge a domain hosting fee or a custom mapping service charge.

With web builders, internet users can easily find your site on search engines. You just have to develop your web content, keyword and tags to optimize your visibility on search engines. In addition to that, these hosting sites have also developed their mobile support system. This means that people can conveniently browse through your site using their smartphones and other gadgets in a user-friendly interface.

Conveniently Create a Website and Monitor your Traffic

If you want to change or add something on your site, anyone can easily update it. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and of course, your browser to make necessary editing. You wouldn’t have to worry about updates and installation. Also, such sites have customer support to assist users any time of the day.


More importantly, web builders allow you to monitor the number of visits, the search terms that your visitors are using, site traffic and top pages in your site. Web statistics service comes for free when you create a website.