Some Steps To Build Your Own Website

→Last Updated: August 4, 2013

Why learn how to build your own website?

Build Your Own WebsiteApparently, there are many reasons why you must learn how to build your own website. First, it cannot be denied that everything can be seen online, from day to day activities of people, firms, groups, and associations. When a person wants to check a specific activity of his or her group, the remedy is to look it up online. Second, having your own website means having a space online. Having your own website allows people to see your activities, endeavours, and advocacies in one click. Third, having your own website is a good strategy for employment and marketing purposes through online portfolio building. Fourth, building your own website can also serve as an outlet for your creativity. You can turn it into a journal, a database for your research, a community of people sharing the same interests, and even a simple blog. Lastly, creating a website is not expensive nor does it require complicated skills. Apart from these reasons enumerated, there are other personal reasons why you must learn website building.

Some steps on how to build your own website

There is no single way of building a website. However, there are basic steps which will lead to the creation of a good website. In order to have a good website, here are a few things you should consider.

  1. Choose a domain name.
    1. Choosing a domain name is one of the fundamental things you need to know in creating a website. Generally, domain names are registered on a yearly basis for a fee. However, you should not worry because you can have your own website without paying any fee. Sites such as, weebly,, and can provide you with a free site.
    2. One thing you should remember is that the domain name is your website name. This is what people would type in order to find you. In choosing a domain name, you must not complicate things. The rule is “the simpler, the better”. For a personal blog about Star Trek, you may call it klingondiaries.
  2. Select a host for your website.
    1. After choosing a domain name, the next step would be website hosting. A webhost is a company that will hosts individual websites which makes them accessible. In simple terms, the webhost is the house of your site. Once your site has a home, your files and all everything that you upload can be seen by almost anyone in the world. Most webhosts require a fee ranging from $1.5 to $7 a month. However, there are also free webhosting sites in the internet. For these free sites however, you can only choose a domain name but they retain their site name. Instead of your site being named as, using a free website builder such as would generate a domain name such as Getting a free website builder however saves you the cost of your domain and webhosting.
  3. Lay-outing and designing your website.
    1. After registering your domain and having a webhost, the thing you have to put your mind onto is designing your website. Like free domains and webhosts, there are also free website builders online. You do not need working knowledge of html or other “techie” stuff. All you need to know is how you want your website to look like. In free website builders such as, there are templates ready for use which can be customized depending on your preference. Pages in your website can easily be made using free website builders.
  4. See if it works.
    1. The last thing that you should remember is to check whether your new website works. You should check how it looks like using major internet browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera. If it works, you may proceed in providing content.

Free sites to test if you know how to build your own website

As stated earlier, there is no single easy way to build your own website. However, there are sites where you can create, design, and customize your own website for free such as,, and weebly. Whatever the purpose is, you should try and experience having an online space for your passion and experiences. There are other things you need to consider in creating your own site but for the basics, they are already provided. Learning how to build your own website is simply that easy.