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→Last Updated: September 25th, 2013

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Why do you need the best website builder? At, we know that building your own website can be an ordeal, but we're here to help! From the years of experience we have creating and designing websites, we have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and information on how to build websites and we are more than happy to share as much as possible with our fellow developers. If you would like to learn more about who we are, check out the About Us section.

Best Website Builders

Rank   Price Overall Templates Ease of Use Features E-commerce
1 Top Website Builder Reviews Wix Review
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Free Account A+ 1000+ 97% 92% 87%
2 Top Website Builder Reviews Hub Review
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$4.95/mo A 500+ 85% 95% 91%
3 Top Website Builder Reviews Big Commerce Review
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Free Trial A 100+ 89% 89% 94%
4 Top Website Builder Reviews I M Creator Review
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Free Account A- 80% 94% 90% 80%
5 Top Website Builder Reviews Shopify Review
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Free Trial A- 1,000+ 93% 92% 99%
6 Top Website Builder Reviews Web Starts Review
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Free Trial A- 100+ 92% 80% 80%
7 Top Website Builder Reviews Volusion Review
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Free Trial A- 100+ 92% 80% 80%
8 Top Website Builder Reviews Weebly Review
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Free Trial B+ 80+ 83% 84% 79%
9 Top Website Builder Reviews Review
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Free Account B+ 200+ 91% 80% 80%
10 Top Website Builder Reviews Yola Review
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$9.95/mo B 4000+ 88% 74% 77%
Best Home Website Builder Service - Wix
Best Commercial Website Builder Service - Shopify

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Wix Review

With more and more consumers turning to computers and search engines to find products and services, most companies have seen the need for websites. However, not all businesses want to spend the money to pay individuals or Internet companies to create and build their sites. Fortunately, there are other options for the budget-challenged company or individual in need of Internet exposure. The demand for websites has led to the rise of companies providing software and direction for individuals and companies to build their own sites. One of these companies is Microsoft and the software is WIX...

Web Hosting Hub Review

Some companies expect to remain small while others are working to grow. These expanding businesses need access to stellar website design, reliable hosting and skilled web designers when the time comes to grow. From budget web design to a full-fledged customized site, customers get it all at Web Hosting Hub. Their web hosting has a reliable reputation with accessible and understanding customer service available whenever you need it.

Shopify Review

It can be be intimidating and confusing for the average person to design his or her own ecommerce store. When designing a store that thousands of your customers will see, it's important for the website builder storefront to be as clean, neat, and professional looking as possible, no matter what product you are planning to sell.

Website Builder Articles

Best Website Builder

Before knowing what the best website builder is, one should learn the importance of a website. A website is a marketplace in the online world where products and services can be displayed and where business owners and marketers can communicate with their potential and existing clients. A website should be easy to navigate; professional looking yet not boring to the eyes, should have elements compatible with the different browsers that clients use, informative, and reliable in providing a secure transaction. In case it makes use of mailing lists, it should not be a venue for sending spam mails, which clients hate most.

How To Create A Free Website

Back in the days when noisy modems connect the world, the Internet is a haven for text editors and WYSIWIG applications which help teach you how to create a free website. These simple sites store information, which show how useful the Internet has become. It has become an information superhighway and serves as the main repository for all there is in the world. Self-expression and business production is limitless. Now, more than ever, creating excellent websites is very much possible. This is due to with speed and wealth of resources previously undreamed of. You can ensure you’re always up to date and you won’t get left behind. A website is more than just your face to the world. It is the hub for your connectivity; a beacon for opportunities.

Build A Website

If you are hoping to build a website where you can express yourself freely, then you may want to start by checking out free site builders over the Internet. Like your own room, your blog or personal site can be your happy place online. This can be your safe place on the Internet, where you can convey your thoughts and show your personality. This can be an exhilarating experience. Establishing your online site can be tough at first, but it can be really exciting. You’ll have the opportunity to customize your page would look like and list down your concepts, ideas and purpose. You’ll get to imagine your target market. This is quite overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you can’t coordinate your thoughts well. You’ll end up throwing everything out and start from scratch.


When you are shopping around for the best website builder to help you get started creating your own website, we highly recommend that you take a look at a good sample of their website templates before you make any final decisions. These templates will be the basis of the design and layout for the website that you are looking to build through those website builders. But don't worry, nothing is completely set in stone; most website builders offer you tools for editing the template you decide to go with in order to personalize and customize to fit your needs or your customers needs.

Taking a look at the templates and template editors of a website builder is a very good indication of the quality of content that you are going to be able to find and produce through that service. For example, Wix has hundreds upon hundreds of templates which is one of the primary reasons we ranked Wix website building tools as our number 1 spot for getting started creating your website.

E-Commerce Website Builders

So you're beyond recreational websites and want to build your own commercial website? These sites are known as E Commerce Websites and are quickly becoming the most common way to get started with your very own business or to propel sales by reaching thousands of new customers. Not to mention it could cut down on your overhead since after you're done going through Website Builders you'll be ready to conquer the website building world...well maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves, but we'll sure as heck try!

Just remember to check which E-Commerce features are important to you when you check out the website building tools. For example, if you are selling websites that you design yourself (which is a legitimate and fast growing business) then you may want to create a product gallery for your website designs or even a shopping cart feature for your repeat customers.

Ease of Use and Usability

We know that sometimes building a website can get very complicated, that's why we want to make sure that you are able to choose the best options that fit your style of development. And many times the best option will simply be the sleekest and easiest of the choices. That's why we have an important rating for all of our tools: Ease of Use. We want to make sure that if you decide to use one of the website builders, that you are really going to be happy with your choice. Your happiness is our happiness, and if you remember that mantra when making a website for your users, we promise that you'll be more than prepared for what's to come.

Website Builder Information

A website builder is a software that allows to construct the perfect website as you see fit. The best website builders can give the flexibility to make whatever you see in your head on to the computer screen but at the same time being affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Fortunately, despite the very competitive market for website builder software, we think we have found the perfect website builder for all your purposes. Whether you want to make an e-commerce website, photography album, or personal blog, all the tools you could want to build a website can be found with our website builder above.